Buying Smart to support projects for the community

A hallmark that guarantees a percentage of the sale price of each product labeled MioMito will be donated to projects with characteristics and purposes of social, scientific, or research interest, whether startups or individuals, all over the world.

The customer is involved in the social responsibility process of the company and the decision will finance a project chosen by the customer according to their moral and ethical principles.

The projects to be financed are selected and guaranteed by the MioMito team according to predefined standard, and companies will be able to enhance their products thanks to their commitment in the social sphere.

  • Since:
    . In planning / implementation

  • USP:
    . The customer decides who to donate the percentage to and will have objective control over the various phases
    . A project for the benefit of the community

  • Investment possibility:
    . Pilot unit
    . Main company
  • Info: