Locarno (Switzerland) the first franchising city, worldwide

With the patronage of the city of Locarno, we offer a center dedicated to the world of franchising where, in addition to training, brands, new entrepreneurs, and investors can set up their businesses and find ideas for new investments.

Through also an elegant pop-up shop, made from a shipping container and located in the city center, we also give, established brands, the opportunity to present and propose their business/brands to the public, investors and future franchisee’s and business partners.

From our own franchising academy  to direct contacts with municipal, cantonal, and federal institutions as well as through collaboration with our official partners, with us you will have a single point of contact to grow your business.

  • Since:
    . Company since 2008
    . “Locarno, the franchising city” since 2020

  • USP:
    . The official patronage of the city of Locarno
    . An entire city dedicated to the world of franchising
    . Direct pop-up store of 15 m2, in the city center and available to the brands

  • Investment possibility:
    . Investment in individual brands
  • Info: