Eat healthy, everywhere

The desire to eat healthy is certainly a priority for many; however, while preparing meals a lack of time, imagination and the rapid deterioration of fresh ingredients, often make people stop preparing healthy dishes and drinks on a regular basis.

With SanoGusto, our chefs and nutritional consultants, prepare various healthy dishes and drinks daily, which are brought to the customer via delivery vans.

The customer will be able to purchase the product directly from our vehicle, at our sustainable semi-mobile kitchen, or at the places where the vehicle will be stationed.

  • Since:
    . In planning / implementation

  • USP:
    . Sectoral expertise of chefs and nutritionists (intolerances, etc…)
    . Daily production, with local and fresh ingredient
    . The consumer can buy directly from our traveling van or semi mobile kitchen

  • Investment possibility:
    . Pilot unit
    . Main company
  • Info: